Born April 6, 1976 in Brno, Czech Republic.

Petr has performed on the concert stages together with his father Zdenek Kocman since he was 9 years old. First, as a duo or as guests of various bands. In 1989, they performed as guests of the Greenhorns band at "Karl May Festspiele", in Elspe, West Germany where the famous Winnetou actor, Pierre Brice performed, too.

From the age of 11 he has performed several concerts with Michael Tucny, his friend, teacher and "uncle".

In 1992, he and his father formed their own band, called Tax Dodge (Honza Vycital came up with the name, implying that all band members are self-employed). The band broke up in 1995 when Peter accepted an offer to join the legendary Greenhorns.

Extract taken from the February 2002 issue of Country Roads magazine: "He (Petr Kocman) has flooded The Czech music scene like high water!"

In 1995, aged only 18, Petr became a meber of the legendary Greenhorns. He performed 30th Anniversary Concert in Prague's Lucerna Music Bar and then toured Australia with the band.

Karel Cernoch wrote about Petr in the sleeve note of the Crazy Man CD: "Petr Kocman is the new king of the Czech Country music".

Pavel Bobek about Petr: "Petr is the only true, the most credible, and therefore the best performer of contemporary Czech Country music".

Michal Tucny before passing away: "My successor's name is Petr Kocman".

In 1998, Petr accepted an offer to participate in Gasoline & make-up, the first Country musical in the Czech Republic (the original show called Pump Boys & Dinettes was played on Broadway with over two thousand performances), where he impressively played the role of Jackson. The musical also featured Vera Spinarova, Marcela Brezinova, Tomas Linka, Denisa Markova and others. Not only could the audience see Petr sing, but also act, dance and even step.

Petr's debut album God Bless Country Music was released in 1999 and the album release party was hosted by his friends, Yvonne Prenosilova, Pavel Bobek and Karel Vagner.

Next, 5 tours in the USA and 3 tours in Canada followed. Petr Kocman together with the Greenhorns, Vera Martinova, Mirek Cerny, Pepa Fousek and Allan Mikusek became an unwilling witness to the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on 11th September, 2001 while performing in New York.
PK Band was formed by Petr in 2002.

In 2004, Petr accepted another theatrical part and joined the cast of The Era of Jackal at the Town Theatre in Most for two seasons.

In the same year Petr joins Vera Martinova on VM Tour 2004 as a special guest. The tour takes place throughout the year across the Czech Republic. To this day, he has often been invited as a guest of her concerts.

In 2004, Petr started touring as a regular guest of the Fesaci band.

In August 2006, Petr left the Greenhorns after 11 years of performing to pursue a solo career.

Not only is he an awesome musician (acoustic and electric guitars, harmonica, mandolin, buzuki, tenor mandola, bass), but also a singer, popular studio player, producer, arranger and songwriter. His music can be heard in repertoires of numerous Czech artists such as Tomas Linka, the Greenhorns, Lucka Vondrackova, VoKoBere, Honza Vycital, and also in several TV documentaries and films.

Petr has performed with Honza and Frantisek Nedved Brothers since 2008, when he recorded a duet with one of the brothers, Honza.

Petr has met lots of idols and music stars on stage as well as in his private life during his musical journey, listing Ricky Skaggs (14-time Grammy winner and multi-instrumentalist), Kris Kristofferson (actor, composer and singer), Rosanne Cash (Johnny Cash's daughter), George Hamilton IV (member of the legendary Grand Ole Opry), Country star Tracy Lawrence, Mark Chesnutt, Reba McEntire, Ray Benson & Asleep At The Wheel, Lonestar, Marty Stuart, Rhonda Vincent, Joe Konig, Jimmy Mattingly, Andy Leftwich, Herbert Lom (best known for his role of Chief Insp. Charles Dreyfus in The Pink Panther film series, or his role of the villain in Treasure of the Silver Lake) and others. Petr has performed hundreds of concerts not only in the Czech Republic but also in many European countries or even in the USA, Canada and Australia.
Crazy man Petr's solo album was released in 2008, his duet partners include Lucka Vondrackova, Honza Nedved or Jiri Vondracek. Music videos were composed accompanying songs from the latter and previous albums. VoKoBere is a vocal trio formed by Jiri Vondracek (a singer, songwriter, actor and former member of Marsyas and Turbo bands) and Petr Kocman in 2009. The third member's name is Tomas Berka. Not only they present their own songs (most recent duet with Lucka Vondrackova called A Piece of Luck resulted in making a video) but also songs adapted from the repertoire of their favorite bands such as the Beatles, The Eagles, Cat Stevens, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, etc.

Petr meets numerous artists and bands in studios and on stage (either Petr hosts concerts or they are special guests). Over the past 30 years, Petr has performed alongside several Czech and Slovak artists, such as Marta Kubisova, Vera Spinarova, Michal Tucny, Pepa Vojtek, Pavel Bobek, Lucka Vondrackova, Karel Cernoch, Lenka Filipova, Lucie Bila, Vaclav Neckar, Zuzana Michnova, Yvonne Prenosilova, Zdenek Rytir, Zdenk Izer, Marcela Brezinova, Karel Gott, Honza Vycital, Wabi Danek, Michal David, Karel Zich, Lesek Semelka, Jitka Vrbova, Pavol Hammel, Ondrej Hejma, Vera Martinova, Pepa Fousek, Honza Nedved, Jiri Wimmer, Karel Vagner, Jiri Vondracek, Jiri Brabec, Misa Tucna, Michal Senbauer, Radek Tomasek, Franta Sahula, Sarka Rezkova, Allan Mikusek, Frantisek Nedved, Denisa Markova, Petr Novotny, Pavel Zalman Lohonka, Zuzana Stirska, Jaroslav Samson Lenk, Pavlina Jisova, Misa Leicht, Tomas Linka, Karel Kahovec, Viktor Sodoma, Pete Kaplan, Pavel Sedlacek, and bands, such as Marsyas, Double Eagle, Schovanky, Fesaci, Tucnaci, Greenhorns, Golem, Apples, Gospel Time, Rangers, Monogram, Relief, Plavci, Bacily, Synove vycepu, Beat-In, Netto, Cop, Spiritual Kvintet and others.

In 2013, Petr joins Michal David and Lucka Vondrackova's Hit Tour 2013 held at sports halls in the Czech Republic, as an exclusive special guest. The tour ended with a sold-out O2 Arena in Prague. One of the successful duet It Ain't Me was turned into a video in 2010.

Petr hosts his own radio show Country Is Everything Like once a week every Monday from 8 p.m. on Country Radio Station. On this show, Petr plays music from his private collection consisting of more than 3000 CDs. He often invites his friends and fellow musicians.

In 2006, Petr accepted an offer to host another radio show on the Click and Country Internet radio station, which is the only radio station in the Czech Republic playing exclusively modern American Country music. This show is hosted by Petr once a week, and again, music from his private CD collection is played. Not only Petr participates in a live broadcast, he also provides a commentary for The Academy Of Country Music Awards and The Country Music Association. Petr is now working on a "Special Show" covering interesting albums of music history and the present.

The Best Of 1995-2015 Petr Kocman double album was released in 2015. It includes several bonus songs, e.g. a duet with Lucka Vondrackova Island in the stream of days and a popular Wedding song. The CD is mapping the 20 years of his work on the professional music scene. He will celebrate 30 years on stage in 2016.
Viewers and listeners can recognize Petr's music not only from the radio, but also TV and numerous music videos.
Petr Kocman is credited on more than 100 albums and DVDs. He has sung over 120 songs.
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